Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Royal purple Tudor doll.

Another doll that was completed ages ago but has only just been posted. This is the most detailed tudor dress I've done now, if you look back at my first tudor doll i created (the green satin one), which was completely hand sewn and didnt fit very well, this one has a hooped skirt, proper turn out sleeves and creases in the skirt.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Blue Victorian Corset

A heavily boned victorian corset with steel hook up front.

Black Halloween Corset.

A commission done for a halloween costume in 2012, Girl wanted a plain black tudor corset but without the tabs.

Skull corset.

This corset was done in a tudor style, it has a pocket on the inside down the front for a busk to create that gorgeous flat stiff wash board look.

Blue Rose Victorian bustle gown

Another small project I completed inbetween everything else (the one of many). This dress was made from scratch, a completely new pattern.

Model Work.

Back in may last year i managed to do some model work for a hair salon, I got to wear alot of my work, also lending corsets to other models, it was an amazing day. Hair, nails and make up were done my Oracle Hair and Beauty salon in Chippenham.

Tudor Dress Photography.

Wow its been absolutely ages since I last updated, I've had a lot on my plate.....well Ive been pre occupied for a while, one of them being is that im now 38 weeks pregnant. So the majority of the last few months have been taken up by baby things and working.

These photos were taken when i was 10 weeks pregnant and my god was it differcult to model, not only was I suffering from morning sickness at the time but i was also sporting a small bump so I could'nt lace up the dress the way it should of been, plus the room in which these pictures were taken was incredibly hot, so at one point I was close to fainting.

Anyhow here they are, apart from the sickness and fainting, it felt wonderful to finally put this dress to use after all the time i spent on it. Photos taken by AKM Photography.