Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Jane Seymour.

 Jane Seymour, Henry VIII third wife, She had one surviving son, and Henry VIII only son Edward 6th, Jane Seymour died of complications (perhaps an infection) not long after Edward was born. Henry VIII was buried beside Jane seymour when he died even though he had 3 more wives after her, he said that Jane was his true wife as she was the only one who gave him a male heir......... how nice he was.   

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Katherine of Aragon.

Henry VIII First wife, I would of sketched her first but Anne Boleyn got in my way :) Katherine of Aragon had one living daughter named Mary who became queen Mary I later on. Henry VIII divorced Katherine after a seven year struggle, which  he eventually broke with the church of Rome and creating a new monarch: the head of the church of England. Which people of course blamed Anne boleyn for. Tut Tut.