Thursday, 25 August 2011

Civil war dress 2.

This civil war gown has just recently been finished,..........everyone loves a pink blancmange dress....also has a hoop :)

Regency dress 2.

I made this dress and accessories a while ago but I've been too lazy to post, ......anyways here are some pics :

Friday, 12 August 2011


This is the decoration for the top dress, i have sewn on every piece by hand, this has been one of my favourite parts...

and here are some more pics of the dress starting to look more whole..


well..its been a long long time since I've posted, i have been a busy bunny, i've been working on a number of projects all at once, which will seen on here once ive finished.
Anyways, i have finished my underskirt for my dress, and this is the finished piece....

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Well I was extremely naughty and used some savings to buy me some fur.......but it was worth it, i was a bit skeptical about buying fur off the net as i couldn't be sure on what i was buying , would of bought from a fabric shop but all i could find was crappy shag pile fur ....errrrrrr!
So i took a chance and bought from a UK site that specialized in faux fur, the fur is perfect, not clumpy or fleecy looking, it was soooo soft and snug.

And here it is looking more complete,.......its not complete yet, still have a few things i wanna play decs etc.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Skirty skirt!!!

I lied, I said I wasn't gonna post for a while due to the lack of money, but i decided to get on with the skirt in the mean time. The original pattern for the skirt wasn't long enough for my design, as the petticoats underneath had long trains on them, I needed a skirt that would cover them plus the underskirt that i have yet to make. so i added an extra foot onto the bottom of the pattern pieces.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bodice WIP

I have just finished the Bodice for the top dress, it consists of 4 layers-front facing, velvet (for padding), canvas (to help stiffen) and the lining, it also has a few bits of boning in there too.

Ive gone for a green silk taffeta material, it looks great in the light, and rustles when you move.

Im not actually making the bodice lace pink, i just stole it from an earlier corset to see what it looked like on.....Well now i play the waiting game, i need fur for the sleeves but that requires money, which i seem to be in short supply of at the moment, so may be a while till the next post.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Another layer of onion!

Another day, another layer, this one sits on top of all of the undergarmets, ties up at the front and tucks under the front of the corset.
Im not sure why i did it in red, suppose i just wanted to give it abit of colour, something more rich looking......even though you won't see it.....still, i think it looks alot better than if i were to make the hooped skirt, this skirt looks alot more fuller, and thicker. It makes the wearer look rich another to buy and wear layers and layers of fabric.

There is also a wooden busk down the front of the corset that keeps the bodice straight and stiff, this i had to make myself............well actually, i didn't make it, this would actually involve me using a drill and would no doubt end in me drilling a hole through my furniture or sawing a finger off.
So i went for the old victorian alternative and used a wooden ruler, its pretty much the same measurements and is very handy for those times when i need to draw a straight line or measure things........hey would you look at that, there's a ruler in my bosom!!!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tudor corset and posable me!

The corset for the under garmets is finished, and here it is below. This is the original corset that goes with the shift, bumrole and hooped skirt which i will not be using. Looks alot more tudory (without sounding like a spanner).

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Bumroles and Petticoats!

Well so far i have managed to complete the shift and bumrole for the undergarmets of my tudor dress.....

Here they are above with the Georgian corset i created a few months back, im not using the georgian corset but i wanted to see potentially what it may look like.
Ive decided against a hooped farthingale, again i think they make the dress look thin, flimsy and......well abit crappy looking, so insted ive gone for skirt layering, in which i have created a drawstring petticoat to rest on top of the bumrole.
Here it is below with moi in it, looking very frizzy!

Complete with tudor washing machine..

Saturday, 5 February 2011

My new years Resolution!!

One of the things i would love to achieve this year is to make a life size tudor dress, complete with under thingys (corset, shift etc)
Dunno what id do with it after, probly prance around the house a bit in it, take a few good photos.........then probly sell it. Yes as you can see already i am obsessed with the tudor period, and i feel that until i make this dress, run around in it and feel like a princess just for a couple of minutes, ill never get it out of my system.
I have the whole of 2011 to complete it, theres no rush to get everything straight away, so it wont be expensive. I have already chosen my fabrics, although they bound to change at some point. im just itching to go, lol!
The patterns i am using are Both by Simplicity.

Not so sure on the hoop skirt yet, on some dresses ive seen, the hoops on the skirt can be seen on the outside, and makes the dress look like crap bought off Ebay.
I plan on making some petticoats to thicken the skirt, and the bumrole should help too.
Anyways we shall see..........but in the mean time, watch this space!