Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Well I was extremely naughty and used some savings to buy me some fur.......but it was worth it, i was a bit skeptical about buying fur off the net as i couldn't be sure on what i was buying , would of bought from a fabric shop but all i could find was crappy shag pile fur ....errrrrrr!
So i took a chance and bought from a UK site that specialized in faux fur, the fur is perfect, not clumpy or fleecy looking, it was soooo soft and snug.

And here it is looking more complete,.......its not complete yet, still have a few things i wanna play decs etc.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Skirty skirt!!!

I lied, I said I wasn't gonna post for a while due to the lack of money, but i decided to get on with the skirt in the mean time. The original pattern for the skirt wasn't long enough for my design, as the petticoats underneath had long trains on them, I needed a skirt that would cover them plus the underskirt that i have yet to make. so i added an extra foot onto the bottom of the pattern pieces.